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      I’m sure all of us have had this thought at one point or another during our dating lives. Whether or not we may have expressed this question, it very likely may have passed through our minds.

      I have a thought that can possibly stifle this feeling. Can you count all the people you know who R’L never did get married (I’m talking long term, individuals in their 60’s)? If you’re similar to most people I’ve discussed this with: the number will certainly be under 10, possibly even under 5. Percentage-wise out of all the people you’ve ever known those who have never got married are an extremely low number and therefore beyond unlikely.

      I wish iyh we should all find our Shidduchim soon, even those well into their 60’s! In the interim, hold onto this thought, relax, and keep Davening. You WILL get married!

      How would you help yourself or others cope if this thought entered your mind?

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      I feel like you’re absolutely right the odds are that gd willing you will get married. However as a professional who had some small background in psychology. This is plain old anxiety, like any other anxiety. That being the case I think merely knowing the odds are you won’t die going on an airplane. For a person who has this anxiety of traveling on an airplane the odds just won’t help.

      If we treat this like any other anxiety there are many other methods one can do in order to control that feeling. Obviously not my skill set, would just advise this individual to google search methods to help one with anxiety cope.

      Wishing you all the best with this!

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      Pray for each other to get married.

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