Wedding Supplies


Are wedding bells going to ring in your life? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We care for your momentous events and emphasize on celebrating it with style with our exquisite wedding dinner sets. At, we spent years learning about what people want to make their special day extra-special. Due to these efforts, we can say proudly say that we offer exquisite and alluringly beautiful tableware that will leave your guests awe-struck. 

While you are celebrating your wedding, it is of immense importance to feel special and to make your guests feel respected. All of this can get exhausting sometimes. Don’t worry! We got you covered. Our party supplies will make your wedding celebrations grand and royal. 

Michael Aram Collection

Our Michael Aram collection is one of a kind due to its design and craft. Michael Aram is an award-winning designer and is dedicated towards bringing craft-based design to perfection. At Posh Party Supplies, we have beautifully crafted collection designed by Michael Aram to entice your guests. 

We knew you were going to fall in love with this collection. So, your convenience, most of the serve ware has been made reusable so your money does not go waste.

Green Weddings

We all know what disastrous effects plastic is causing to our ecosystem and it is up to us to save the planet before it’s too late! Why not set an example that inspires many people to make small efforts that bring about huge positive changes? We have come up with an aim to change the world for the better by manufacturing alluring ecofriendly dinnerware that has unique design to match your grand event. 

Our ecofriendly dinnerware is made of compostable material that degrades easily and is beneficial for the soil. Choosing our disposable ecofriendly dinnerware will have an even bigger advantage of not having to wash a bulk of utensils after the party is over and will help save the water resources on Earth and your time equally. 

Color Options 

Colors impact our mood as much as the celebrations do. Especially for a wedding celebration, different people have different preferences; some want vibrant and a colorful wedding, but some want to keep it all minimalist and subtle. 

We have it all. We offer a wide range of color options at Posh Party. For some expert advice, you can visit our Lifestyle Collections where we have put pictures of how the influencers match colors at their wedding celebrations and other parties. From napkins to dinnerware to disposable wedding bowls, everything looks so appealing that we cannot get our eyes off of them. 

Disposable Wedding Bowls

We are leveling up your wedding celebrations by our ecofriendly disposable wedding bowls along with other supplies that come in unique colors and designs to perfectly match your grand event. Desserts served in them will make your table stand out because the important part of the food is indeed the dessert, if only served right. Shop our alluring, environment friendly and yet so elegant disposable wedding bowls to spruce up your wedding.

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