Kiddush Hashem: Shim Cramer and The Shabbaton Choir Take Israel by Storm


The choir visits included Laniado hospital, Reuth Medical Centre, Dorot Medical Centre and the Netanya community. Good luck as you continue the tour – you are making a HUGE difference to the lives of everyone you sing to and it is amazing to watch you bring such joy to those who really need it.

“I’d say this was one of my all time musical highlights!!

Last night at Shalva before the concert started, I asked the musical director of the Shalva Kids Band if the young drummer would like to join me on a solo spot in the middle of the show… and if he would like to have a practice beforehand!
He said…” This kid has been given a gift… yes his life is very different to other kids…. but I’m going to ask him after the band performance to go and sit in the audience and I want you to challenge him to come up and play with you… you’ll see!!!”
This is the third of three diff styles…
No practice!!!!
No words!!!!!!!!!”

– Shim Cramer

What a way to finish the day!!…. a brilliant audience made up of inspiring people doing all they can to get better quickly and to help others in having the best life they can possibly lead after doing all they can to serve their country. Bet Halochem is an amazing place!!

There’s a day and a half left and this trip has already strengthened my belief that my family and I are PG making Aliyah to the most incredible country!!! ????❤️❤️❤️

– Shim Cramer

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