ISRAEL: Transgender Husband Says He’s Now A Woman And Can’t Give A Get


It does not get much more bizarre as a couple that arrived at a Beth Din in Israel were quarreling over a ‘get’. It appears one of the woman is a transgender, formerly the husband in the family who is now living as a woman.

According to a Ynet report, this is not what the wife bargained for as they were married like any couple and raised children but now, dad is living like a female. Dad maintains that being that he is today a she, he cannot divorce his wife since a woman cannot give a ‘get’. The Beth Din however ruled he, now a she, must give a ‘get’ to break the martial bond between them. He refuses. The Beth Din has warned s/he will be jailed for refusing to give his wife a ‘get’. The Beth Din is unwilling to entertain a request from the wife to annul the marriage.


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