WATCH: A Haredi Man Explains The Difference Between Different Types of Haredim


Melech Zilberschlag created a video for כאן to explain that, eventhough to the undiscerning eye all haredim may look the same, in fact there are a lot of differences.

Sure they were uniform colors, streimels, black hats. But Melech says he knows when he walks in the street, if the man I see is a Litvak, a Belz Chassid, or just a Shasnik.

He dives right in explaining that there is a difference between Mizrahis and Ashkenazis.

Then he elaborates that Ashkenazis are divided into two categories: Litvaks, that are connected to local communities, and Hasidim, which are connected to an area with a religious leader that leads the Hasidic movement – like Satmar, Gur, Breslev, or Chabad.

Then it really get s complicated as he delves into kippot, shoes, peyos, coats, hats, and streimels.

Watch the video (in Hebrew) here:

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