Orthodox British Comedian Explains How “Meshuga Frum” He is on Music

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Ashley Blaker isn’t your average orthodox Jewish man: he is also an internationally-acclaimed comedian.

In November 2015 he embarked on his first stand-up tour – Ungefiltered – which played to sell-out audiences the length and breadth of the UK.

He started 2017 with his first Israel tour and followed this with his second UK show – Meshuga Frum – which he performed at sold-out theatres across the country.

In his spare time, Ashley Blaker is an award-winning comedy writer and producer for radio and TV.

As a radio producer, he was responsible for first unleashing the comedy phenomenon Little Britain on the nation and he has worked with a who’s who of TV comedy.

His company Black Hat Productions is currently making several new series for BBC Radio 4 including Couples and Josh Howie’s Losing It.

In a comedy set he was explaining to a frum crowd just how “meshuga frum” he is? Have a listen to how strict he is when it comes to music.

Watch it here:

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