Rare Halachic Psak Allows Couple to Get Married On Shabbos


Last week on Monday a newly-wed couple tied the knot in Bnei Brak, bringing another happy family into the larger family of Bnei Yisroel. Except, it was discovered on Friday night during their Sheva Brachos that there seemed to be a problem with one of the rings.

After Sheva Brachos concluded on Friday night, the bride told her sister that the ring which she was wearing was not the one which was originally ordered by the couple and that there was some sort of issue with the order.

The story hit the couple and their families very hard. They inquired with rabbinical authorities with regards to how to proceed. Was this a case of a mistaken marriage since the bride did not intend to wed over this specific ring? An additional problem came from the side of the Chosson. Since he did not intend to wed his bride with this ring, but rather a different ring, did he not have in mind to wed her at all, thus making this a case of Mekach Ta’us – mistaken procurement and hence the bride was not his at all?

One of the more prominent scholars in the city, declared that the couple should not be secluded on Friday night, since there is a doubt that they were still not married and it would be prohibited for them to be alone together.

Yet another problem arose, that the planned Sheva Brachos for Shabbos had to be canceled since there was effectively no bride and groom. The Torah Sage then utilized a legal decision issued by the Ram”a that states that one can get married on Shabbos if the situation deemed it necessary. So the couple got remarried on Shabbos morning at the Rabbi’s house with a small gathered crowd. The groom utilized the same ring that the bride had received at the original ceremony and the Kiddushin was legalized and people rejoiced.

The story raised a number of question among the poskim, as the case was a very rare and unexpected case of a marriage taking place on Shabbos.


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