Dear Yiddin, On Pesach 2021, Rav Chaim Har-Kesef took his family on a Chol Hamoed trip. The family got into a terrible crash. What was supposed to be an enjoyable trip with the family, ended up as a funeral for their beloved father and husband. Rav Chaim Har-Kesef was an outstanding Hatzolah member who devoted his life to saving people’s lives in Eretz Yisrael. He tragically left behind an almona and 6 yesomim. In less than a week, Moti, Rav Chaim’s son, will be getting married. Moti needs your help. He has no father to be there for him to provide financial and emotional support. The expenses are enormous and he needs your help now! LINK IN INSTA STORY TO DONATE!



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