Engagement of Heshy Safirstein (flatbush) and Ahuva Rokowsky (monsey)!!


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  1. As usual, a well composed piece of work. I was thinking about the fig tree that was root pruned and manure addedwhich I”m sure was well composted. Luke 13:6-9 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 6 And He began telling this parable: “A man had a fig tree which had been planted in his vineyard; and he came looking for fruit on it and did not find any. 7 And he said to the vineyard-keeper, ‘Behold, for three years I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree awithout finding any. Cut it down! Why does it even use up the ground?’ 8 And he answered and said to him, ‘Let it alone, sir, for this year too, until I dig around it and put in fertilizer; 9 and if it bears fruit next year, fine; but if not, cut it down.’” I learned years ago that when plants don”t flower and produce fruit that root pruning can change the harmon balance. The new roots can develop more feeder roots and the plants go into a reproductive cycles producing flowers for fruits and seeds. I wonder if that could be applied to their horindus treatments in the death camps as a fig tree ? They sure got crapted on to say the least. Now they are a flourishing tree full of fruits in many ways including produce. Like you said,spiraling prophecies that have multiple meanings.

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