Mazel Tov Ezra on Your תקס השבעה! – A Mother’s Thoughts..

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At our son Ezras תקס השבעה/ swearing in ceremony this evening:

Hubbie and I started crying as soon as the mifaked/ commander started speaking about Yehoshua and the promise that all this beautiful land was ours to love and protect.

Then we started crying when our son recited his oath with his fellow soldiers promising to protect our country and our people and then received his gun along with a תנ”ך.

Crying, when I looked over at our whole family who came in loving support (and cute matching t-shirts) and when I watched my parents sobbing as they drank in the נחת from their bechor grandson.

Still crying as we all stood at Hatikvah with our flag blowing brightly in the cool breeze..

and when we found out our son was chosen with four friends as מצטיין/ excellence- and was awarded his סמל’s (sergeant’s) badge; a very big honor.

And then of course I cried when I saw how sunburned he got from being outside since 6 a.m. because after all I’m a mom…

Esti Rosen Snukal