Proposal Story: Moshe & Raquel’s Story


“Moshe and I have been dating for 3 years and within that time, we never traveled anywhere outside the country, we decided to travel to Scotland. After a few days in already , we decided to be local and walk around, we were passing by a lot of Jewelry shops, I always window shopped, but this time he paid attention. When we went into a convenience store, he snuck out, and bought a ring next door and hid it secretly. The next day we went on a tour to Gasglow, we walked around , and found a ledge to sit and enjoy the view. Right then and there he asked me to marry him.

As I was about to say yes, my phone on the ledge right next to us , drops. The ledge was about 5-7 ft. I freaked out and yelled “YES YES, now get my phone!!!!” He jumped down got the phone and supposedly right next to my phone there was a dead mouse, he freaked out, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Nothing was planned , so we didn’t have someone videoing the event, but we saw a local runner and asked her to snap a photo of us after everything all said and done. We didn’t have WiFi connection for 3-4 hours after our engagement, and it was also Erev Rosh Hashana.”

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