10 Great Gifts for Date Night


There are so many reasons to give great gifs. Date night gifts, shiva gifts, and housewarming gifts are only a few of the many reasons you would give someone you love a gift. When it comes to date night gifts, there are so many different options. You may want to choose something small and thoughtful over a grand romantic gesture, depending on the date. 

No matter what you give them, it’s the thought that counts. Keep their loves, hobbies, and passions in mind when searching for a gift that will make them smile. 

1. Around the World Coffee Sampler

Are they a coffee lover? One great option is an around the world coffee sampler pack that comes with different coffees from different regions in the world. You can get Latin American coffees, Kenyan Coffees, Indonesian Coffees, and more. It’ll take them a long time to get through all these delicious blends. 

2. Ice Cream Maker

If you’re having a stay-at-home date night, an ice cream maker is a great example of a gift that you can cherish together. You can even plan a date around this gift. Stay home, watch some movies, drink some wine, and make some delicious ice cream. 

3. Laser Engraved Photo

Is there a photo of the two of you that your date really likes? You may want to get a laser engraved version of the photo that you two can cherish for years to come. Your photo will be engraved inside a high-quality crystal. They’re so beautiful and sparkly that you won’t want to go back to normal photographs. 

4. Picnic Backpack 

Another good option for date night is the picnic backpack, especially when fully equipped with picnic supplies. Set up an entire date with the picnic backpack, including snacks, a meal, and wine glasses. You’ll have everything you need to have that romantic picnic atop a mountain at sunset. 

5. Cheese Board

If food is the way to your lover’s heart, a cheese board might be the perfect gift and another one that you’ll be able to use on date night. The best cheese boards come with a slide-out drawer for storing knives and forks. You can enjoy all different types of cheeses, meats, and jams with a nice cheese board. 

6. Plaster Statue 

Creating a plaster statue together is a great date idea, but only if you have patience. You can dip your hands into plaster and create a statue that will last a lifetime. You can even paint it for further enjoyment if you want! 

7. Custom Portrait 

One company on Amazon will provide you with a sketch of your and your loved one based on what you actually look like! You can choose the hair, clothes, and names that are placed in this sketch. 

8. Custom Star Map 

Custom star maps are a great option for your loved one, as you can pick whatever stars you want to showcase on your map. Many people opt for a “the day we first met” star chart, but you can pick whichever day you want, as long as it represents something special. 

9. Cold Brew Set

If you need another suggestion for the coffee lover in your life, try a cold brew maker. That way, you’ll always have great cold brewed ice coffee on deck ready to be enjoyed. Cold-brew is incredibly easy to make, as all you have to do is leave it in the fridge or on your countertop overnight. 

10. Personalized Connect 4 Game

And finally, for the gamer in your life, check out a personalized connect 4 game. You can get the board to say whatever you want, so whenever you play together you’ll get to reveal the cute message that’s been laser cut into the wood.

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