6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Engagement Ring


Planning a marriage proposal is probably one of the most nerve-wracking events you’ll have in life. Popping the question isn’t the same as taking your partner out to the movies. Instead, you’re asking them to marry you and stay with you for life, which is a life-changing decision. So, when planning a wedding proposal, you want to ensure that the timing, location, and overall atmosphere of the moment should be on point. But aside from these factors, one thing you should never miss is the engagement ring.

Engagement rings are often considered the symbol of enduring and long-lasting romance. It’s also a statement jewelry piece that shows how much your partner means to you. Choosing the wrong ring might create an impression that you’re not as serious about your proposal as you think. Furthermore, an engagement ring is an expensive investment, and buying the wrong one could be a colossal waste of money.

Thus, if you want to propose in a calm, collected, and confident approach, you need to ensure you invest in the right engagement ring for your partner. Here are six mistakes you need to avoid when shopping for an engagement ring.

1.      Shopping without a budget 

Engagement rings are generally expensive, so you’ll need to plan your budget before you start shopping. Otherwise, shopping without a clear budget will only cause you to spend more than you initially intended and go into debt. A clear budget can also help narrow down your search and serve as your motivation to save money. So, set a clear budget first according to how much you’re willing to spend or how much your financial status can cover, and start searching for engagement ring options with prices that you’re comfortable with.

2.      Buying on impulse 

Suppose you already have the money and budget for the ring. Still, it’s vital that you slow down and avoid heading to the jewelry store to buy the first ring you see right away. Preferably, give yourself time to research, especially if you plan to buy diamond rings. Educate yourself about the “Four Cs” of diamonds, the collective term for carat weight, cut, clarity, and color. Knowing these is crucial in determining a diamond’s value and overall appeal. While you can ask for diamond certification, it’s recommended that you check the engagement ring in person before finalizing your decision. (1)

Furthermore, shopping for engagement rings can be an emotional experience for many. So, before you get too excited or get carried away with all the ring suggestions from the first jeweler you meet, stay calm and check for multiple stores for a few days. The more stores you check, the more you can compare and discover various ring shapes, styles, and designs. (2)

3.      Not meeting a specialist

Aside from your research, consulting a specialist or a skilled craftsperson can also help you choose the best engagement ring. Remember that not all salespersons you see in jewelry stores are highly knowledgeable on rings or diamonds. They’re often only tasked to talk positively to promote their jewelry pieces. So, instead of consulting your friends or the salespersons about engagement rings, it’s best to raise your questions to a skilled craftsperson.

4.      Guessing the ring size 

Guessing the ring size is probably one of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for an engagement ring. No matter how sparkly and beautiful your chosen ring is, the wrong ring size will only be frustrating for the wearer. To be on the safe side, take note of the actual ring size of your partner before buying the ring. But how can you get their ring size without raising their suspicions?

Some methods you can do are:

  • Bringing one of their rings with you when shopping or tracing it on paper
  • Asking their close friends or family who know their ring size or who can obtain it for you
  • Pressing their ring on a bar soap to form a cast

An ill-fitting engagement ring could truly spoil your proposal plans.

5.      Not considering your partner’s personal taste and lifestyle 

Another thing to consider when selecting an engagement ring is your partner’s taste. Pay attention to the types of accessories or jewelry pieces they own or wear on a daily basis. Do they like something sparkly and glamorous? Or perhaps they prefer something simple and minimalist. You can check their jewelry box and use their current jewelry pieces as your inspiration. (2) (3)

Aside from their taste, you should also take note of your partner’s lifestyle. If your partner’s job or daily tasks involve many hands-on activities (e.g., weightlifting, gardening), a more robust ring may fit better. Meanwhile, a fine and delicate engagement ring design may suffice if they don’t do much heavy work aside from household chores. If you want your partner’s engagement ring to be something they’ll wear and cherish forever, ensure you pick something that perfectly suits their taste and lifestyle.

6.      Not reading reviews or checking the jeweler’s reputation

Engagement rings aren’t created the same way in every jeweler store. Many ring shoppers make the mistake of going into random jewelry stores only to find out they don’t produce high-quality rings or don’t have exchange policies set. So, to ensure you find the best jeweler available, take time to research different jewelry stores online, read customer reviews, and check their reputation. Reading reviews will give you an idea how satisfied customers are and the quality of jewelry pieces they make.

Buy Your Engagement Ring Wisely

Engagement ring shopping won’t always be easy, but knowing the mistakes to avoid will make the experience more stress-free and hassle-free. Remember, the engagement ring will symbolize your sincerity and commitment to your significant partner, so ensure you get it right the first time.


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