Few Things To KnowAbout CBD Oil


CBD has been the subject of discussion on a lot of forums. This is partly due to its great benefits and also controversies surrounding it. 

Some people want it to be categorized with other illegal cannabis products like marijuana while others say that it is completely harmless. 

Although the market is not highly regulated in comparison to that of other goods, the government regulates the THC content by allowing only a maximum of 0.03%. 

Those that contain more than that are deemed illegal. You can find out more here https://www.cheefbotanicals.com/. With that said, here are some few things you probably would like to know.

What is it?

CBD oil is a product extracted from cannabis and so contains THC and a variety of cannabinoids. Depending on the strain of cannabis used the contents and properties can vary. In general, the oil is used for both medicinal and nutritional purposes. 

Thus it can be labeled as a health product. It is beneficial for both humans and pets. There are various techniques used for production that determines the quality of oil. The use of natural means such as the Co2 process are preferred because they provide pure organic oils. 

Others that use chemicals are frowned upon since they produce oils that contain minute quantities of chemical impurities. With time they accumulate within the body and become poisonous. 

What are the uses?

  • Therapy

Just like medical grade marijuana is used for therapeutic purposes by patients suffering from chronic illnesses, CBD can also be used for the same purpose. 

There are certain types of oils that are specifically manufactured for that. These are usually created using hybrid strains since they contain enhanced properties. 

For medically prescribed therapy the use of oils with higher amounts of THC than 0.03% is permitted. For instance, there are some that contain as high as 25% of the substance. THC being a psychoactive agent plays a key role in regulating mental processes to induce relaxation and optimal functioning of other systems. 

It is great for those suffering from anxiety, depression and psychotic disorders. Consume too much of it and you risk worsening the situation. Misuse can induce paranoia and total breakdown. Click here to read more on the uses of CBD oil.

  • Pain-relief

The oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Pain is usually as a result of information in some part of the body and so if you resolve the situation that causes the inflammation it goes away. 

Therefore, organic CBD is a good substitute for over-the-counter pain-relief medications. It is more effective and doesn’t take a toll on your liver even with prolonged use. It is, especially, recommended for patients experiencing persistent conditions such as arthritis. 

This is because it not only takes care of the pain but it also promotes regeneration of joint tissue hence taking care of the root cause of the issue.

  • Strengthening the immune system

The oil not only helps in curing diseases but it also helps prevent them. It contains cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system to produce the desired effects. 

This in turn enhances the immune system making it more effective in identifying and destroying pathogens before they can cause diseases. As such, it can help prevent lots of infectious diseases thus avoiding epidemics and even pandemics. 

It also lowers microbial resistance to antibiotics thereby aiding in the fight against diseases. This minimizes the need to come up with new drugs for the same illnesses time after time.

  • Nutritional benefits

It contains fatty acids that are essential for proper growth of tissues and functioning of bodily systems. Other than that, the products are fortified with other vital nutrients such as vitamin A, B and D hence makes for a great diet supplement.

How do you choose the best?

To be able to pick the right one for you from the wide variety that is available you have to consider some factors.

  • Intended use

Go for the one that will best suit your intended use. For example, if you plan to use it for recreational purposes then you must ensure that it contains adequate THC and that it has the flavor that you like. Some such as Sour D have pungent smell and sour taste that some people might find irritating. Thankfully, there are lots of flavors that one can opt for.

  • Legitimacy

Before you buy and use CBD you should first consider the laws of the state that you are in pertaining to its use. Most states only allow the use of oils containing 0.03% of THC or below with an exception for those that are medically prescribed. Others have legalized the use of marijuana hence won’t have any problems with the amount of THC contained.

  • Reputation

You should only purchase from vendors who have earned a good reputation and can be trusted. Otherwise, you risk buying counterfeit goods that might be harmful to your health. Make sure they are licensed to operate.


CBD is an amazing health product and is safe for consumption. It contains regulated amounts of THC that won’t cause any complications unless it is misused. You should consider consulting your doctor first if you are not sure of how to use it or whether you should use it at all. Remember also to get a doctor’s prescription if you want to use the more potent ones for therapeutic reasons. Watch out for the fraudsters who sell fake CBD goods. You should only purchase from trusted vendors who are authorized by the government to sell.

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