Greed and reliance on pure luck are strictly rejected in most religions. The ancient sages have always taken a skeptical view of profit through gambling and betting. 

However, since no proper standard could be found in the Bible to refer to, some scholars of the Talmud provided a kind of interpretation with the Assmachta, by which a bet in a gambling house could never be meant seriously. Since every gambler would expect to win himself and not seriously believe in the prize of the winning bet, this legal transaction is invalid. Thus, Jewish people are also allowed to spend their free time in a casino or casino from time to time, as long as the gambling is not commercial and not constant and uncontrolled. And lotteries and sports betting are officially allowed in Israel. In Israel Jewish people are free to play in such online casinos as Playamo casino and poker online. Let’s take a look at the gambling laws in Israel.


Gambling laws in Israel

Serious competition to gambling companies are services that offer users online casino games for free and for real money. It is often the case that the company providing the online casino services does not pay taxes to the state treasury. This explains the fact that the company does not have its business registered in the country where it provides its services, operating without a local license. By registering in a distant corner of the world where tax policies are liberal (e.g., Malta, Gibraltar), the company makes its profits online with ease.

Gambling is illegal in Israel, according to legislation from 1977. But the same law does not affect online gambling in any way. All this leads to much confusion and speculation. Previously several illegal operators were offering online gambling in Israel. They claimed that their activities in the country were perfectly legal. The current situation, however, is highly controversial. Land-based casinos are banned in the country, but betting on sports and lotteries is legal, as we have always described before.

However, the ban has led to the emergence of several large underground casinos in the country. Supporters of legalizing gambling say that an unregulated market is very dangerous. The prohibition of gambling in Israel has been heavily criticized recently for this very reason. The legalization of gambling would make casinos safe, and it would also lead to increased profits.

Whether Israel will take the example of other countries and legalize casino gambling, only time will tell. At the moment, however, lawmakers seem to be in no hurry to do so. Virtual casinos, poker rooms, online bookmaker’s offices registered abroad offer to bet, play roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines for free online.

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