Movie-Based Video Slots


Most casino games are based on famous movies on our screens. This is the best experience for players as they get to have a test of the movie while playing. These types of games are commonplace and are loved by many thanks to their exciting nature.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be part of a game that is one of your favorite Hollywood movies? It is quite an experience that everyone should try out. Here are some of the movie-themed games that are also available at Yukon Gold Casino.


This game is based on a movie cast by famous personality Kevin Hart and “the rock.” The movie traces back to an adventurous experience deep down the Amazon where the cast is lost deep inside a game, and they are struggling to get out of it by winning the game. It has 36 pay lines with 5 reels. The game is subdivided into four features, namely:

●       The monsoon features;

●       The monkey mayhem feature;

●       Wild stampede;

●       The mystery free spin.

Game of Thrones

Based on an HBO film, the Game of Thrones dates back to the struggle of power between different nations through calculated wars. Earning from this game comes in 243 ways hence scoping the winner badge is quite easy. When entering, one is given three free spins, after which a bonus is extended to ensure that players stay glued to the game. The bonus is normally advanced to players to act as motivation against losing hope in the game. The free spin feature allows you to win by visiting the four households Westeros, Targaryen, Stark the Lannister, and the Baratheon house. The winnings are in multiples of 20 and 250.


The game is developed based on the comedy “Talking Ted,” which is by far most consumed by many. The game is built on all the aspects of Talking Ted. A good example is, you will get an inappropriate phrase after each spin you make which makes the game more fun. The similarity with the real movie is mind-blowing. The setting of the game is the basement which is the same as where Ted lives in the movie. The developer of the game wanted the fans to talk to Ted to get the real-time experience of being in the actual movie. There are five bonus rounds in this game where players are expected to activate the 20 play lines by spinning the 5 reels. These include:

●       Ted big money;

●       Flash-free spin;

●       Smart free spins;

●       Bar Crawl Bonus;

●       Wheel of Fortune.

With all the above games, playing in an online casino is very exciting and an experience that cannot be skipped. The winning margins are so high. You get to win cash while you enjoy what you are doing.

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