The 5 Best Indoor Wedding Games For Your Wedding Ceremony


We’ve had so many stressing couples get in touch with us recently, worrying about their big day. In these global pandemic times and with government guidelines constantly in motion, we sympathize – it’s not easy planning a wedding. One of the most asked question was for fun, alternative, ‘socially distance’ approved activities and that guests of all ages can enjoy.

It can be challenging having to entertain all of your guests for an entire day, especially if your big day starts early in the morning. There are numerous ideas for wedding games that range from classic board games to free slots games. Whatever games you and your partner decide on, make sure it resonates with who you are as a couple and the kinds of things you like to do in your relationship. Here is a list of the 5 best wedding games for all those who are looking for ideas to make their wedding more happening.

Guess Who?

I’ve attended family and friends’ weddings who have tried this game, and the effect is amazing! All this game demands a few volunteers and a blindfold. Firstly, blindfold the groom. Then have him touch the arms of all the volunteers, including the bride. You can gather as many guests as possible (guys, girls, babies, granny’s) to make things more challenging for the groom! Will the groom be able to figure out who in the lineup is his bride?

How Well Do You Know The Couple?

Tired of your first cousins claiming they know you better than your best friends? Try how well your guests really know you with these fun questions! You’ll be surprised at how your family or friend see you in your relationship! Have your guests record their scores and present the winner(s) with a little gift or two!

I Dare You

Have a few wallflowers among your guests? Help them join in the fun by setting fun dare options on each table. Keep in mind who will be seated at each table when you plan the dares. Ideas include: take a selfie with a funny face, kiss the person to either side of you, bust a new move on the dance floor, and do a group shot at the bar.

Blindfolded Wine Tasting

Using blindfolds, players will guess what wine is in a brown bag. Participants must guess whether the wine is red or white, the country of origin, year produced, and grape variety. Who knows, you may even have a wine tasting expert in your midst without even knowing it!

Musical Chairs

Do you want to see grown-ups clamber for chairs? Then say hello to one of the most hilarious and classic wedding ceremony games you’ll ever get to play – musical chairs. It’s a game where a chair is progressively taken out and music played. When the music stops people are meant to rush for a chair. The person without a chair is automatically disqualified.

And Finally….

These are the wedding games that you can cover at your reception. Including these games will simply transform your wedding into a cheerful event. All you have to make sure is all the lockdown rules are followed by you and your wedding guests.

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