Zimpler-Making Wagering Experience Simple


The kind of lifestyle that we have these days is accelerating and everything has to be done in a quick manner. We do bank transactions and pay bills online. The majority of our personal and business activities are done online including diversion.

Sweden introduced an online payment which can be another option for the people of Finland in making their finances simple. Kasinohai https://www.kasinohai.com/zimpler-kasinot the leading online casino site in Finland introduced a casino site which introduced Zimpler. For more information about the site, you can visit https://www.kasinohai.com/zimpler-kasinot.

Zimpler is a mobile payment platform founded by Swedish Fintech Company in 2016. Their headquarters are in Stockholm but its location is in Gothenburg and Malta. The objective of this payment option is to make the lives of the bettors simple while monitoring their disbursement. The best thing about Zimpler is it allows another third-party e-wallet such as Paypal and major credit and debit cards to link to this e-wallet. All transactions are possible in just one payment option. It just takes a single text message for the entire transaction. Zimpler is available in Finland and Sweden.

Zimpler in Online casinos

There are many benefits to using Zimpler in an online casino. First, it is affordable, and second, withdrawal requests are immediately processed. Online Punters don’t have to download the application or make registration and all those tedious processes like receiving a pin code. Players just simply have to wait for the random code that this mobile payment system sends to your mobile phone each time you make money transactions with minimal fees (1.5 euros to 4.9 euros)

Making a deposit using Zimpler

Making deposits using this payment scheme is as easy as pie. The following are the guides in bank transactions.

1.     Look for Zimpler at the online casino

2.     Go to the payment section

3.     Click Zimpler as a payment option

4.     Enter preferred payment amount

5.     Enter a random four-digit code

6.     Accomplish verification

Withdrawals using Zimpler

●     Look for the withdrawal part of the online casino

●     Click Zimpler as withdrawal

●     Enter the four-digit code

Zimpler e-wallet accepts the following bank:

o  Aktia

o  OP

o  Savings Bank

o  Nordea

o  S Bank

o  Danske Bank

o  OmaSP

o  Haldensbanken

o  Bank of Aland

o  POP Bank


Customer Service

Zimpler has the most outstanding customer service because they are accommodating to their customers and see to it that all queries are addressed.


What is Zimpler Go?

It is a Pay n Play method that helps in improving the KYC (Know you customer) process for more efficient online casino transactions. Layers can use Zimpler Go to make payments without making registration and it works like Trustly.

Zimpler Go is accessible to online gamblers from Sweden, Finland, Germany, the UK, and Canada in the future.


Advantages using Zimpler      

o  The Pay n Play Zimpler allows the player to make deposits and withdrawals in a very convenient way. It is known in Sweden and Finland as the most efficient way of money transactions and all banking transactions are done in 5 minutes.

o  Zimpler doesn’t have an application so it saves space on your mobile.

o  It uses an encryption system like Trustly so players are in good hands.

o  Users of Zimpler don’t need to present an ID card, proof of address, or anything. You just have to sync your bank with Zimpler and it’s done.

o  Easy set up using your mobile phone.

o  Supportive customer service

Disadvantages of Zimpler

o  It needs a minimal fee

o  The player’s cards need to be added manually

o  It is not available in all countries. The countries mentioned are the only ones that have access to Zimpler.

Additional Information:

●     Players cannot get a special welcome bonus at Zimpler because it is not dependent on the payment method.

●     Minimum and maximum deposits are decided by the online casino.

●     Zimpler offers pay by phone scheme.

●     Currencies used at Zimpler are SEK, EUR, and GBP.


Final Insight:

Zimpler casino makes gambling simple. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity. 

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