LISTEN: Israeli Media Releases Chilling Audio Of JCC Bomb Threat By Israeli-American Teen


Ynet has released a recording of one of the bomb threats made to to a JCC on January 18. The brief call was made with voice-disguising technology that protects the caller’s identity. An Israeli teen with dual Israeli and American citizenship living in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon was arrested Thursday in connection to the wave of more than 100 bomb threats against JCCs and other Jewish institutions across North America since the beginning of 2017.

During a raid on the suspect’s home, authorities found an advanced computer lab with sophisticated equipment, including voice-altering technology, encryption methods and a large antenna that he likely used to phone and email bomb threats to Jewish institutions in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.
Audio of the call, as well as a transcription, are below.

“It’s a C-4 bomb with a lot of shrapnel, surrounded by a bag (inaudible). In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered. Their heads are going to [sic] blown off from the shrapnel. There’s a lot of shrapnel. There’s going to be a bloodbath that’s going to take place in a short time. I think I told you enough. I must go.”

The teen’s attorney, Galit Besh, said that he has a nonmalignant brain tumor that leads to behavioral issues.

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