BEAUTIFUL! Moms and toddlers with Down Syndrome do their own carpool karaoke


Carpool Karaoke is all the rage now, thanks to the James Corden’s popular late night show, The Late Late Show with James Corden. The show introduced the segment where James Corden asks a famous singer to help him get to work by being a second person in the car so he can use the carpool lanes in LA. Then James subtly asks the passenger if he/she wants to listen to some music. Cue a string of that singer’s hit songs which James and the celebrity then sing together. Every segment has gone viral and each one usually garners millions of hits within days.

The popular format has been adapted by others, including famous Jewish singers like Yitz Mendlowitz and Mordechai Shapiro. But a really touching carpool karaoke surfaced recently when a bunch of moms of toddlers with down syndrome sang Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years” using lip-syncing and sign language in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. It made James Corden cry, so maybe have some tissues handy when you watch it.

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