Inspiring Words from the Father of Yisroel Levin Z”L at His Son’s Funeral Today


Listen to what the father of the boy, R Shaya Levin just got up and said at his son’s Levayah.

“On Pesach the children take the Afikomen. They spend a whole night guarding over it. Finally the father wants the matzo back. He questions the child to make sure it stayed pure – no chometz and then demands it back. But the child won’t give it back without being promised an Afikomen present. A child is like the Matzo pure and free of chometz=yetzer hora. His whole life he tried to make sure it stayed that way…sending him to the best yeshivos etc. Now Hashem wants his matzo back. He said Hashem I am willing to give you the matzo back but I have the right to ask for an Afikomen present. For my Afikomen I want 10,000 shidduchim for both boys and girls in klal yisroel, 10,000 refuah shlaimas in klal yisroel and siyata dishmaya for 10,000 ppl who need yeshuos in the area of emunah and bitachon.”

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