New ‘Tahor’ App Aims to Digitize Bedikah Inquiries


For the first time in history, women can anonymously send pictures of their Bedikah cloths to their Rabbi with a new app’s  technology. The App allows users to Anonymously send pictures of Taharas Hamishpacha questions to a Rav right from your own phone.

The app was created by Zisa and Yitz Levin with the help of Rivkah Bloom, an MIT computer science graduate and creator of

Levin says: ”We hope this app will ultimately result in more people keeping Taharas Hamishpacha. We have come across so many women who do not ask questions because they are embarrassed or live too far away”

From’s website :

We want to ensure that everyone has the access and ability to ask their questions anonymously and can quickly and comfortably receive the answers they need. Therefore, we’ve assembled a great team, including the creator of, an attorney, and a social worker, to develop Tahor app and help women keep Taharat Hamishpacha with the calm and comfort this beautiful mitzvah deserves.

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