Traveling to Israel for Pesach? You Might Want to Read This…


Welcome to Israel- country of so many wonderful people and places.

The one thing you don’t need is to feel ill here – but, if you do, our job is to provide you with courteous and professional medical service.

CTAS is your full service medical insurance plan in Israel. Providing you the best in health care while your traveling.  Here are a few common asked questions about CTAS:

  1. Q.  How does the CTAS plan work?
  2. A.  The policy is through Harel, Israel’s largest medical insurers.  Cover is in all hospitals, tens of contracted medical clinics and hundreds of contracted doctors and specialists.
  3. Q.  What co-payment of deductible is there?
  4. A.  None!  All covered medical treatment is covered 100%.
  5. Q.  Do I pay up front and then claim?
  6. A.  No!  You show your medical card or give your policy number and will be treated.
  7. Q.  How do I find a doctor or clinic?
  8. A.  We have a user – friendly app which shows the nearest medical service.  In addition, we have a 24-hour call center for any emergency.
  9. Q.  Am I covered for any pre-existing conditions?
  10. A.  Most conditions that have been stable for the previous 6 months are covered (see the policy for more details).
  11. Q.  Where can I see the policy conditions?
  12. A.  Click here
  13. Q.  Sign up?
  14. A.  Sure – here is the link.

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