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Yismach Yisroel chosson fund is set up to provide clothing for chassanim in need! In memory of Yisroel Levin ע׳ה As we approach the Shloshim, we are all still reeling in pain from the sudden petira of Yisroel Levin a’h.  A remarkable individual, who left an indelible impression on all those...
  Hi, As you know, Thursday is Lag B'Omer and 1000's of Jews will be in Meron to daven. With no minimum donation, (this is our rule) you can have your names submitted for prayer in Meron through Talmidei Chachamim, messengers of Yad L'Achim CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR NAMES (No min...
Smile - Shabbos is just hours away!
On Wednesday, a meeting took place between the Vizhnitzer Rebbe Hagaon Harav Israel Hager, shlit”a, and Jewish-American businessman and philanthropist Mr. David Hager, one of the chief patrons of Nahal Haredi Organization. Mr. Hager is a close relative of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe and a strong proponent of drafting Haredi...
"One of my favorite places to sing - the magnificent Lancut Synagogue. We happened to be there today on the Yahrtzeit of the Ropshitzer Rebbe who's buried just a few minutes away, so what better song to sing than a Ropshitzer Nigun. I hope you enjoy the fabulous acoustics...
Giving Day is going strong but we need ALL OF YOU to help close this one together (and a little help from the “Sandman” Mariano Rivera can’t hurt) Click HERE to donate..
Listen to Nachum Segal interview YU's president Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman about this initiative and much much more..
There are specific variables that are universally important when choosing a spouse. How can you know you're making the right decision? In a remarkable lecture, Rabbi Tatz explains how to go about the quest of searching for your soul-mate. Speech is from 2016 but well worth watching.. [youtube]
Wow - Congrats Lipa! You are an inspiration to all of us through everything that you do..
Never forget and Chag Sameach! [youtube]
Such good people who understand the value that is Israel.
NEW COMPOSITION - performed Monday and Wednesday nights in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Enjoy and please share!
Meet General Eliezer Shkedi....the former Commander of the Israeli Air Force. He's done so much for Israel , but when you ask him to tell you what story defined his life...this is what he tells.
"The feeling at the Modiin Yom Haatzmaut celebration tonight was absolutely electric. I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes watching our youth dance with such hitlahavut. Thank you HaShem profoundly for allowing us to live during these miraculous times of Geulah. Moadim LeSimcha veliGeulah...
Thousands of Jews holding on to each other proclaiming their deep, heartfelt, Emunah in Hashem and His Moshiach?!

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