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12,000 Voices of Hope – Wow and Really Beautiful!

Watch 12,000 Israelis of all backgrounds sing "על הדבש ועל העוקץ." חג עצמאות שמח!

Two Holocaust Survivors Return to Auschwitz as Proud Mothers of IDF Soldiers

The true story of Hanna and Sara Tessler, two sisters who survived the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau after losing their whole family. 70 years later...

Listen: Hatkivah Sang by Bergen Belsen Prisoners on Day of Their Release

Amazing recording and sense of hope for the future..

How Does a Couple Stay Together for 65 Years?

Great relationship advice from Jay Shetty. There is a ton to learn from his words. Listen carefully.

3 Year Old Cancer Patient Fulfills his Dream to Become a Cop

Sahar's dream is to become a cop. The Jerusalem police made his dream come true this week.

A man in Lakewood created an amazing Kiddush Hashem over Pesach

The following message was posted by Gregory Andrus, on his Facebook page titled “Portraits of the Jersey Shore”. My family and I went to the...

How to Raise Confident Children?!

Great advice for all of us!

Powerful Message About the Recent Tragedy

Dear Parents, It has been a difficult few days. The horrific, double tragedy that occurred on Chol Hamoed has hit not only two of our families,...