6 Best Womens Work Bags That Can Match Any Outfit


Bags are essential accessories in your wardrobe, not only because they instantly elevate outfits, but they also carry all your essentials in one go. With that, you will need to bring the best work bag to the office. But while it’s important to get one with the best features, it’s equally paramount that the bag can match any of your workwear.

Choose a versatile work bag to complement your everyday look, regardless of your office dress code. It should make you feel confident, stylish, empowered, and chic. If your work bags are outside these categories, it’s best to shop now and check your available work bag options.

Before you dive right into bag shopping, take note of these women’s stylish work bags that best match any outfit:

1. Von Baer Liberty Backpack

Liberty Backpack from Von Baer

The Liberty Backpack from Vonbaer.com is made of full grain leather, it has a 14-inch laptop size, durable cotton lining, and YKK zippers. Handmade in Florence, Italy and features adjustable straps for added comfort. Measuring 40cm x 33cm x 12cm and weighing 1.4kg, this backpack is perfect for daily use and offers a personal touch with laser engraving option. Shop at Von Baer.

2. Satchel Work Bag

Career women ready to conquer the world should look professional wherever they go. And while a work outfit plays a vital role in achieving this image, a satchel work bag can also add to the level of professionalism you already own. Get rid of your bright-colored purses that could only fit a little of your belongings.

Invest in a basic or neutral-colored satchel work bag. Due to its style and size, you can bring many things to work. You can put your laptop, and other work gadgets inside and even have room for your cosmetic bag and other personal items. A satchel bag can complement any outfit, so you know it’s a practical investment.

3. Leather Hobo Bag

Genuine leather material can last longer than other synthetic ones. While it is a hefty price tag, you can get real value with this leather hobo bag. It’s the chicest eco-friendly hobo bag you can find, and choose one with organically sourced leather. A hobo-styled bag can fit many of your things, and it looks best with your work dresses and pantsuits.

4. Transport Tote Bag

A transport tote bag is one of the most useful work bags that any career woman can use. This convenient tote bag makes it super easy to carry for those who commute by train or bus. It’s essential to live a longer and happier life and avoid stress. It means you should feel stress-free when commuting every day, so go for a bag that’s easy to transport and carry. Whether running late or in a packed public vehicle, you can easily secure your tote bag on your shoulder or hands.

While some tote bags don’t come with enclosures, go for one that can be zipped across the top. The main compartment should be securely sealed so it’s safe from pickpocketers, and you don’t have to worry about losing anything when your bag falls to the ground. This transport tote bag fits even the bigger-sized laptop models so you won’t have a problem with its content capabilities. Choose one in tan or beige, as they complement your work outfits effortlessly.

5. Neoprene Work Backpack

What’s best about the neoprene material is that they’re usually water-resistant. This material is durable and can withstand external conditions. Choose a neoprene work backpack if you’re constantly on the move. Whether heading to the office, a branch office, or meeting and impressing clients somewhere, this backpack can be handy.

Those who are looking for a game-changer can invest in this backpack. Plus, it’s chic and elegant to complement your business attire. While some women hesitate to carry a casual backpack, this neoprene model is sleek and fit for formal occasions. It has several pockets and compartments, so you won’t have difficulty organizing your bag’s content.

6. Timeless Leather Tote Bag

Invest in a timeless or classic design tote bag if you want your work bag to withstand time and trends. Considering that your work bag is in it for the long haul, it would be better to use leather material. This tote bag can fit any bulk items you have. It has a roomy interior compartment to place your laptop safely with printed documents and other work essentials.


The women’s bag industry is filled with great and beautiful choices of work bags. However, choosing a work bag you can use continuously in the office is essential. Hence, it should be versatile to match diverse looks and functional to fit all your needs. Hopefully, you can refer to the list above as you add the best work bag to your shopping cart.


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