Watch and listen to Mrs Dina Hurwitz of Chabad Temecula California, and be inspired by her and her husband, Rabbi Yitzi..
SÃO PAULO, Brazil (JTA) — The second oldest congregation in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most Jewish-populated city, will dedicate a new synagogue next year, a century after it was opened. Knesset Israel was founded in Sao Paulo in 1916. Usually referred to by its nickname, Groisse Shil, Yiddish for “big synagogue,”...
We saw this amazing photo on the website and loved it. It is compliments of the city of Tel-Aviv who tweeted this adorable picture. Check it out by Clicking HERE
"Here I am in Camp Simcha Where we have children fighting for their lives.." Have an Easy & Meaningful Fast! Ari Dembi
Amazing - thousands come out to thank Hakadosh Barachu for giving Donald Trump the strength and courage to declare Yerushalayim the eternal capital of the State of Israel..
The Shalva Band is in from Israel and performed at Congregation Etz Chaim in Linvingston, NJ.
The energy in a room filled with 3000 of the Rebbe's Shluchos, powerful Women from across the globe.. L'chaim!
Giving Day is going strong but we need ALL OF YOU to help close this one together (and a little help from the “Sandman” Mariano Rivera can’t hurt) Click HERE to donate..
Bike 4 Chai 2017. Thanks to all those that donated for such and amazing cause! FUNDS RAISED TO DATE: $8,348,318.61 [youtube]   Photo: Proud mother Chayah Fuld with her two sons Izzy and Eli Fuld, both Bike4Chai riders.
Video from BuzzNet from the central synagogue in Tehran, Iran
It's sad that this is what it takes sometimes for liberal Jews to wake up and realize how lucky we are to have a country of our own and how our grandparents and great-parents fought so hard to achieve what we know as the modern miracle that is Israel. In...
A 97-year-old great grandmother and her 76-year-old daughter reunited after 1 year apart. Both are bed ridden due to illness, but the family made sure to bring them together.
Incredible and quick thinking...
Roman Kent, a Holocaust survivor who went through the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Mertzbachtal, and other concentration camps, has a message for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. In a press briefing on Tuesday, Spicer was talking about America's recent missile strike on a Syrian airfield, their commitment to deal with...
Check out Meir Kay's latest video that he made in honor of his birthday which is today! Happy birthday, Meir! [youtube]


VIDEO: Rescued Women Speak for the First Time, plus…….

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